Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb Uno

OK guys, time to get right back on this!  I feel like I kinda epic failed last month by losing ~$17K at the tables.  If I was able to breakeven, I would have made double the $20K that I ended up with.  This is a substantial amount of more beans, and also has turned into my primary focus this month!

This month, I want to breakeven or WIN at the tables again.  The way I am going to do this is as follows:  Keep up pace from the start/get ahead of pace, and NO JTV streaming!

If you look at my graph for last month, you might notice that I was winning in the beginning, and then it went downwards from a point.  That point is when I started streaming!  So, instead of live streaming all day long, I am thinking about implementing a plan to maybe do some hand analysis or some teaching of that sort for 1 hour a day.  Not sure what time yet, but I think it will be great.

In addition to that, I plan on possibly streaming some sort of poker-related stuff most of the rest of the day.  The key here is that I will not have to live stream and lose $$ while I play. 

I will keep the video blogs coming, and will start with one later today after I get my poker done for the day.  Also, I will make a better effort of putting together a VPP pace chart so that you guys can see how I am doing for the year VPP-wise according to the pace I want.

In addition to that, I want to get some sort of yearly profit/loss chart going, so you can keep up with how the tables are treating me! 

That's about it guys, I gotta get started this month and get ahead of pace so that I don't have to play a ridiculous amount of hours in the last week like I did last month! 

Alrighty, will talk to you guys soon!!  Love you all :)



  1. Maybe instead of live streaming a 'teaching lesson' at a certain time, just record it and post it on youtube (and embed it in your blog).

  2. Man, the live stream was great, but I understand why your not doing it anymore. Also, I pm'ed you on CC about a VPP chart/tracker for your blog. Took me a little while to figure it all out, but I found a couple of options for you, so let me know what you think.


  3. Yes, the stream was fun. I still think the losses may have to do with the fact you put a time limit on yourself and would auto-shove preflop with stuff like A,6 offsuit, but hey, what do I know?

  4. Luke- certainly a good idea, will think about this!

    Matt- you the man!

    Ball- sounds like you don't know much, but ty for taking interest in my life!

  5. I had fun in the channel. The idea of what you had to do, while live streaming, was crazy.
    It is understandable what you have to do to make it to your ultimate goal, but without the crazy live streaming... I guess I won't be following.

    Good luck with the rest of the year.

  6. I accept your decision about not streaming, but I also think that running bad and playing an insane amount of hours with very little sleep hurt you as well.

    The stream was some funny shit man, I had a good time. Keep up the good work!


  7. Amazing January, you are a grinding machine. Hey I added you to my blogroll, can you add me to yours?


  8. i'm thinking about getting the stream back up! I did a test today of not streaming, and pretending that I was to see how it went...and it still seemed pretty exciting to me!

    Not too dull...me rambling was making me laugh so maybe i'll stream again but just not look at chat :) At least this way we have a chat lobby that we can all chill in again :)

    And supernova, will do if I can remember how!

  9. I'm ILLUSlON btw... so when are you going to make the switch to CAP games?

  10. oh awesome! I'm gonna make the switch then they get a tested version of HEM's hud working for them. Right now the beta is f'in peoples computers up, so I'm gonna wait :)

    Also, only black theme works on table ninja perfectly right now, so i'm gonna wait till they get hyper simple theme working!

  11. I got the update and it's working ok... Sometime it doesn't import on 1 table but besides that it's fine... Although since your computer working is so much more important I wouldn't risk it.

  12. yea, and I'm also really dumb with computers so if it screws up, it will take me a week to fix it back to normal lol