Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb Twelve: BIG NEWS!

Ladies and gentlemen...we are about to jump to the next level in professionalism here at pokerpoopy's blog.  We are going to transfer over to a new website and get this thing even more sexy and professional looking!  I will actually have my own website, and it is seriously awesome.

I will make sure I tell everyone the new address and everything once it's up and running.  It's still a work in progress, but it is nearly complete!  I will prob keep updating here every now and then also for all the slackers who haven't figured out how to go check the new site, but after awhile, I'm gonna axe this bi*ch!

I'm gonna give a February table/graph here real quick to sum Feb up so far:

Soooooo again, red line is what I should have made if luck was out of the game, green line is what I DID make (table-profit only)  and blue line is the combination of rakeback + table profit (total profit).  A good start to the month fo shneezy!  Hopefully the luck continues, and I get that redline movin' back up in the right direction! 

Most important thing though: the redline is above 0, which is all I need to do to accomplish my monetary goals for the year :)

I got ~16K vpps in yesterday...needed 13.7Kish each day to get to 600K total by end of February, so that was a good day.  Gonna try to get 15K+ for the next few days so I can relax a bit at end of month. 

OK guys, I will update you once the new site is up and running.  Ciao!



  1. I know Pokerstars doesn't have rakeback but FPPs from which you can buy bonuses. How did you get the rakeback to show on your graph? Can you post the file that we can import?

  2. You have to go to options- settings- rakeback & bonuses- then type in the rakeback % u expect to get at pokerstars. (For getting 3MM+ vpps, I get 65-70%, so I put in that number.)

    And that's it! You can find ur approximate rakeback % at


    p.s. new website--->

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