Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9th sheeeeeeeeet!

Yo!!! Sorry everybody, I have been missing in action. Once again, I got pretty effin' sick. That's twice already this year, and that pisses me off. I have not been being healthy enough and I think that's the reason.

So, we fix it by being awesome from hereon in. No more missing days due to poor health, that is crap. We will maintain a high level of health for the rest of this effin' year and destroy everything.

It has only been 3 days or so that I missed, and it feels like a really long time. I have to immediately get in gear this month or I will have to go crazy in the last 3 or 4 days like last month, and I don't wanna have to do that again.

So let's check where I'm at with vpps...ok, we're at 346.5K vpps so far this year. I've gotten 46.4K vpps this month so far, and by end of today, I'm supposed to be at 90K vpps... so I am already 43.5K vpps behind this month. 20 days left, so that's only ~2K vpps extra I have to do a day to get caught up by the end of this month.

If I can get to 600K total vpps by end of this month, I will be really happy. The fact that I already missed a few days, and also that there's only 28 days this month has not made it easy. If I do reach that 600K goal by end of this month, I will feel really good about coming back strong in March and getting 400K vpps to get to Elite by end of March, which gets me back to 4MM pace!

Alright, I guess I'm gonna end this's been awhile since I've made a video or anything like that, so I will crank one in here in the next post or maybe tonight or something. I gotta get on started.

Adios my friends,

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