Friday, December 31, 2010

Post Uno: Preparing for the great 2011

Well well well...I'm back up and blogging. I believe this blog is actually going to last for more then a few days, as I now have some clear motivation to keep this thing moving upwards: If I draw a nice gathering on here, I will make more maney!

The more of the green sugar I make in '11, the more I can share with friends and family and we can all become better, healthier, happier people! So that is some sweet motivation.

So let's get right down to it. I'm going to be updating this blog each and everyday of 2011, explaining what I did for the day, how it went, yada yada. I will include details about poker b/c that is what I will be doing the larger part of my time in 2011.

My goals are simple: I want to break the record of most VPPs ever accumulated in a year at For those who don't know what VPPs are, they're basically points that pokerstars rewards you for playing...the more hands you play and the higher stakes you play, the more VPPs you get.

I use these VPPs to earn money. For example, every 50,000 vpps I earn, I get myself a 4K bonus.

Alright, enough of what VPPs are, let's get to the record. Last year, a sweet, awesome man who goes by the pokerstars username of WizardofAhhs set the new world record in 2010 for most vpps ever in one year. He got just about 3.1 million.

That amounts to playing about 10 hours a day, nearly everyday of the year. Give or take 2-4 weeks off or so. Oh yea, and this is all while playing 24 tables at the same time. Not very easy.

So, my goal is to get 4 million vpps this year and smoke the record. It will require me playing 24 tables 10 hours a day for most of the year. It will be hard, but if I do it, my projected earn will be $500,000+.

Hey KP, what does the "+" sign mean at the end of that sweet, juicy number? means the following...If I play the amount of hands I want, I will make $500,000 no matter what happens at the tables. I will get that money just from VPP bonuses. The "+" part means whatever profit i make on the tables in addition to the vpp money. For example: If I profit $100,000 at the tables, I will make $600,000 for the year.

This post is getting way, way too long. Oh yeah last thing, I want to be super healthy next year and exercise nearly everyday, and eat mainly a raw food diet.

Why a raw food diet you ask? will give me the most energy to play the ridiculous amount of poker I need to, and will enable me to focus the most. You are what you eat...and I will be a mixture of a carrot, kale, an apple, and a banana.

That's it, I will leave next post till tomorrow, love you all.